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Windows 10 21H1 build 19043.783:new article

Microsoft Windows 10 version 21H1 19043.783 Quality Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.2020.0.

Activate ...02.FEB.2021 / Updated: ---

Create system folder:

Mark your folder it as a protected operating system file.

Hiding ...21.JAN.2021 / Updated: ---

Protected folders:

Protected system files are important, but sometimes they need to be opened.

Display ...14.JAN.2021 / Updated: ---

Folder in the image:

Create a discreet folder that only you can open, others will only see one image.

Show hidden files ...10.JAN.2021 / Updated: ---

Hidden files:

Microsoft engineers in Redmond use two different types of hidden files in Windows, preventing users from deleting or modifying system files.

Show hidden files ...02.JAN.2021 / Updated: ---

Hidden folder:

If you need a discrete folder to store files, create an invisible one without an icon and name.

Create folder ...27.DEC.2020 / Updated: ---

Spectacular trick:

Spectacular computer shutdown can be achieved instead of the traditional one using SlideToShutDown.exe.

SlideToShutDown ...27.DEC.2020 / Updated: ---

System Windows 10

Latest version of Windows:

For several reasons, you should install the latest version of Windows 10, as it may include new features.

Upgrade ...05.DEC.2020 / Updated: ---

Monitor refresh rates:

For games that require fast movement, it is strongly recommended to set a higher refresh rate.

Setting ...30.NOV.2020 / Updated: ---

Family images

The customizable settings allow you to change the desktop wallpaper as well.

Slide show ...29.OCT.2020 / Updated: ---

Night light:

Night mode reduces the amount of light, changing the display to reddish.

Night light ...20.SEPT.2020 / Updated: ---

Game mode:

The game mode improve performance on Windows 10 by providing more system resources.

Activate ...22.AUG.2020 / Updated: ---

Install from the cloud:

This feature allow to reset the Windows system if an error occurred due to a system failure.

Reset PC ...12.AUG.2020 / Updated: ---

Color Filter:

This app is developed for people who don't see all colors (suffer from color blindness).

Change colors ...03.AUG.2020 / Updated: ---

Speed-up Windows:

Perform a thorough cleaning with your favorite cleaning program or "manually".

Cleaning hard disk ...2007 / Updated: 03.JUL.2020

Which license is running:

There are three types of Windows 10 licenses Retail, OEM, and Volume License.

More details ...16.APR.2020 / Updated: ---

This PC icon:

Icons on the Desktop are comfortable when we want to get to the computer contents. This PC icon.

MyDocuments ...05.JULY.2019 / Updated: 20.DEC.2019

UEFI mode:

Consists of four parts: Preparing, Removing Partitions, Removing Old MBR Table and Installing.

GPT partitions ...14.MAR.2018 / Updated: 14.DEC.2019

Safe Mode:

The traditional F8 key no longer works, you can add an option in the Boot menu.

Command Safe Mode ...21.AUG.2018 / Updated: 13.DEC.2019

Clean installation:

It can be installed in the same way as its predecessors but faster, without applications.

Windows 10 ...15.SEPT.2016 / Updated: 05.DEC.2019

Dual boot:

The new system can be installed near the Win8.1, Win8, Win7, XP or near the Linux system.

Windows 10 ...15.SEPT.2016 / Updated: 11.DEC.2019

Rufus, installation in UEFI NTFS:

Creating bootable Windows on a flash drive with Rufus in UEFI mode.

NTFS file system ...26.MAR.2019 / Updated: ---


Lock Screen Spotlight Images has been stored in the deepest files of the computer system.

Lock Screen ...25.DEC.2017 / Updated: ---

«Find My Device»:

Microsoft introduced a useful tool for monitoring Windows 10, so named «Find My Device».

Find My Device ...02.JAN.2016 / Updated: ---

Display Control Panel:

The Windows 10 Control panel is not easy to find.

Control panel ...02.MAR.2019 / Updated: ---

32-bit or 64-bit system:

The computer in use runs a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.

OS Detect ...14.MAR.2019 / Updated: ---

Password Reset:

Make a Password Rescue Disk to the login screen.

Reset USB disk ...18.AUG.2018 / Updated: 14.DEC.2019

Account Image:

Replace the dull image that Windows 10 automatically assigns.

Replacement ... 21.AUG.2018 / Updated: ---

Windows Mail:

Windows 10 includes automatic email notification service to manage all accounts in one place.

Windows Post ...15.MAR.2018 / Updated: ---

Speed up web:

Can open hundreds of web pages one after another with a single click if the web addresses.

Preparation ...17.DEC.2017 / Updated: ---

Num Lock:

Some keyboards have two numeric keys. One above the alphabet buttons, and one on the right.

Activate ...26.OCT.2017 / Updated: ---

4K setting:

The home monitor have 4K resolution at the office is HD, so the image will be small.

DPI resolution ...04.OCT.2017 / Updated: ---


One of the cyber threats is the WannaCry blackmail virus that exploits serious vulnerabilities.

Preventing ...19.MAY.2017 / Updated: ---

Login password:

The Windows system requires to enter your password every time when you start your computer.

Disable ...21.MAY.2017 / Updated: ---

Taskbar clock:

You can enable seconds display in the Clock on the taskbar in the bottom, right side.

Show seconds ...31.JAN.2017 / Updated: ---

Additional time zone:

The clock, on the taskbar, can be extended by several time zones. Additional time zone.

Clocks GMT ...10.FEB.2017 / Updated: ---

Format external HDD:

New external HDD is unformatted, so need formatting in NTFS file system. Format external HDD.

NTFS HDD ...25.OCT.2016 / Updated: 18.OCT.2018

Rufus USB:

Burning Windows ISO file with program Rufus on a USB pendrive or flash memory stick.

Flash Drive ...02.MAY.2016 / Updated: ---

Data Recovery:

Do not throw in trash if your micro SD card SanDisk send a I/O error message. Data Recovery.

I/O error ...05.JUL.2015 / Updated: 19.OCT.2019


Microsoft team from Redmond withdrew the espionage function «DiagTrack»? Stop Windows spying.

Stop spying ...02.NOV.2016 / Updated: ---

God Mode:

Hidden feature in Windows system, which gathers the control panel functions in one visible configuration.

Windows 10 God Mode ...13.OCT.2014 / Updated: ---

OneDrive - Cloud storage

Free storage:

Photos, videos, or music downloaded from the Internet often take up a lot of hard disk space.

OneDrive ...27.DEC.2020 / Updated: ---

Download OneDrive:

If the OneDrive has deteriorated and does not start, download and reinstall it.

Download ...21.FEB.2021 / Updated: ---

Screenshots Windows / Android

Phone screen captures:

You can make a picture of what you see inside of your phone, from settings, from an image.

Android ...06.FEB.2018 / Updated: ---


If you do not want capture the entire screen (only a small detail), you need the Snipping Tool.

Screenshots ...04.MAR.2018 / Updated: ---

Screen capture:

There are several ways to capture an image on the screen, one is to use only the keyboard.

With keyboard ...26.OCT.2018 / Updated: ---

BIOS Screen:

How to take Screenshots inside BIOS Setup. Take a screenshot and capture the screen image.

Screenshots ...28.JAN.2018 / Updated: ---

Capture Web page:

FireShot takes full web page screenshots. You can capture web pages entirely to PDF with links.

FireShot ...06.JAN.2018 / Updated: ---

Windows 8 - 8.1

Free Windows:

Windows 8.1 Enterprise is developed for companies that include built-in function To Go Wizard.

For companies ...29.APR.2014 / Updated: 02.JAN.2015

Free Windows:

The portable Windows 8.1 Pro version can be used on any computer, if is installed on a USB.

For Home users ...16.MAR.2014 / Updated: 02.JAN.2015

Start Menu:

From the Start menu, on Windows system can be easily launched programs. IObit Start menu, and:

Classic Menu ...04.FEB.2014 / Updated: 26.FEB.2015


In Win 8, are implemented very useful new features, including virtual machines and functions.

Virtual machine ...11.DEC.2013 / Updated: ---

System repair disk:

A serious error overwrite the original files of the system, will change the contents of the file.

Recovery Disc ...23.NOV.2013 / Updated: ---

Factory Settings:

Using the computer, problems may appears for the incompatibility drivers or software installed on disk.

System repair ...30.AUG.2013 / Updated: ---

System Reset:

Using this option, all data and files on the system drive where Windows 8 is installed will be deleted.

Windows 8 ...30.JUL.2013 / Updated: ---

System repair:

System repair with the installation disk: Helps restore computer problems with errors, easily repairable.

From Disk ...01.AUG.2013 / Updated: ---

System programs:

Each program installed, in a certain extent, reduce the performance of your computer, if it built.

Windows 8 ...14.MAY.2013 / Updated: 18.AUG.2014


Protect what can be protected: BitLocker is a Windows hard drive encryption feature.

VHDX encryption ...13.MAY.2013 / Updated: ---

VHDX disk:

VHDX Windows 8 Hyper-V 3.0: Hyper-V virtualization program assistance replaces the old VHD.

Virtual Disk ...15.APR.2013 / Updated: ---

Safe Mode:

To remove a spyware, virus, or for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes, you'll have to start Windows in.

Safe Mode ...13.OCT.2012 / Updated: ---

Create ISO file:

If you have system on a DVD disk, and need to convert in ISO file, use the free DVD Decrypter programm.

DVD Decrypter ...22.SEPT.2012 / Updated: ---

Bootable USB:

For a faster installation, the best method if the system is written on a USB Flash drive.

Install from USB ...03.SEPT.2012 / Updated: ---


The PC hard disk, should be divided into several parts, with Disk Manager shrinking service for repartition.

Repartition ...14.OCT.2011 / Updated: ---


The description, is available for all operating systems: Linux, Xp, Vista, Win7, 8 and for new Windows 10.

VirtualBox ...03.OCT.2011 / Updated: ---

Virtual Detect Tool:

Install a free copy of the next generation of Windows or Linux to test in a virtual environment.

Virtualization ...08.SEPT.2011 / Updated: ---

Clean install:

Insert the Windows installation disc into the DVD-ROM drive, or the flashdrive in to USB slot.

Windows 8.1 ...24.MAR.2014 / Updated: ---


Create a virtual drive on Windows 8, on previous systems you can install VirtualBox program.

Test installation ...24.AUG.2011 / Updated: ---


Data, images, documents you can encrypt with the free BitLocker services implemented in system.

Disk encryption ...26.JUL.2011 / Updated: ---

All Windows systems

God Mode:

Hidden feature in Windows system, which gathers the control panel functions in one visible configuration.

Master Control Panel ...10.DEC.2010 / Updated: ---

Write a virus:

Security programs installed on computer, can fight against viruses collected from the Internet during it use.

Create computer virus ...11.NOV.2010 / Updated: ---

Write ISO:

Select Mode then ISO and in the next window Write. Click on the small folder and enter the path to ISO file.

Windows ISO ...01.NOV.2010 / Updated: ---

Secure Password:

Protect what can protect: Use more digits, at least one uppercase, lowercase, some special characters.

Password Checking ...21.OCT.2010 / Updated: ---

Restore Point:

Make backup regularly, for restoring your computer system to an earlier date, when everything work properly.

Create restore point ...18.AUG.2010 / Updated: ---


More than 50 data base settings can be changed, some convenience features, other useful features.

RegTweakWin8 ...24.JUN.2010 / Updated: ---

«Silent» Mode:

Not require IT knowledge: Prepared you can install up to 100 programs en «Silent» Mode

USSF, AutoIt, SFX ...26.MAY.2016 / Updated: 18.APR.2020

Pendrive error:

The main reason for failure of the USB stick is, that you can simply drag from computer USB input.

Formatting USB ...21.MAR.2010 / Updated: ---


Phone & Bluetooth Pairing: In general, more frequent transfer is between computer and mobile phones.

Bluetooth ...11.MAR.2010 / Updated: ---

Video & movie DVD:

With just a few clicks can remove from any video wrong parts. Make Video with free programm.

Edit movies ...24.FEB.2010 / Updated: ---


Win7, 8.1, 10 or Android, Linux compatible, high resolution HD wallpapers for monitor, laptop, tablet or TV.

Background images ...07.JAN.2010 / Updated: ---

Free web templates

Free template:

A beautiful web template created with the latest technology, adapted to each screen.

"Modern Art" ...12.JUL.2019 / Updated: ---


Game Diagnostics:

Run a diagnostic test before buying an Android phone, or buying a used phone.

Diag test ...19.JUL.2018 / Updated: ---

Samsung test:

Use this secret code, *#0*#, which must be entered using the dial-up keypad.

Secret diagnosis ...24.JUL.2018 / Updated: ---

IMEI number:

Touch the button on your phone and use the keypad to enter the code *#06#.

IMEI ...17.NOV.2017 / Updated: ---

Blocking Calls:

Block automated unwanted phone calls or if you are regularly disturbed by persons of malicious calls.

Smartphone ...19.NOV.2017 / Updated: ---

Disable animations:

Disable Window animation scale - Animator duration scale - Transition animation scale for speed-up.

Android ...20.MAY.2016 / Updated: ---

Update Nokia:

On this site you find a description how to update Windows Phone system on your Nokia Lumia phone.

Windows Phone ...15.MAY.2015 / Updated: ---

Nokia Lumia:

Description how to download upload images and other files on your phone or from your phone.

Transfer pictures ...14.OCT.2016 / Updated: ---

Speed Up Android:

If you feel your tablet or phone slows down during use, you have two of the best programs.

Phone, Tablet ...10.JUN.2015 / Updated: ---

Cleaning system:

Android system creates temporary files during installation and during use of applications.

Cleaning Phone ...22.MAY.2015 / Updated: ---


Speed-up Windows

Remain useless files, spyware and viruses after install.

Speed Up »»
Windows clean install

Windows 10 can be installed in the same way as its predecessors.

Installing »»

Win7, 8.1, 10, Android, Linux compatible, high resolution images.

Wallpaper »»
Free web template

It's free for both private and business use. This web templates is responsive.

Modern design »»
Windows licence

Windows system are three types of licenses: Retail, OEM, and Volume License.

What licence »»

Creating bootable Windows system with program Rufus on a faster USB.

Rufus »»
Dual Boot

Windows 10 system can be installed next to Win8.1, Win8, Win7, XP.

Win / Linux »»
Password on USB

Create a password recovery disk in Windows 10.

Forgotten password »»
Safe Mode

Safe mode is a special starting method in Windows 10 system.

SafeMode »»
UEFI mod

Some BIOS systems are equipped to run in UEFI mode.

Install in UEFI

Install the new Windows 10 system in UEFI mode on a modern NTFS file system.

NTFS file system »»
Windows Mail

Win includes automatic email notification to manage accounts.

Windows mail »»
Phone sceenshot

Press and hold the Volume Down Button and Power Button.

Phone screen »»

For entire screen capture, you need the Snipping Tool program.

SnippingTool »»

Capture BIOS

Take BIOS Screenshots. Take a screenshot of the Bios.

Screen images »»
Capture web

FireShot takes full web page screenshots, and can save in PDF.

FireShot »»<
Capture with keyboard

There are several ways to capture an image on the screen.

With keyboard »»

Lock Screen Spotlight Images has been stored in hidden folders.

Spotlight »»
Web rapid

Can open hundreds of web pages with a single click in pdf.

Web capture »»
Num Lock

Keyboards have two numeric keys. One above the alphabet buttons.

Activate »»

Different resolution. At the home monitor is 4K, but at the office is only HD?

4K DPI »»

The Windows system requires to enter your password every time when start.

LogIn »»
Hidden settings

You can enable seconds display in the Clock, in the Taskbar.

Activate »»
Format HDD

New external HDD unit is unformatted "raw", so need formatting in NTFS.

Micro SD

Do not throw in trash if your micro SD SanDisk card send a error.

Formating »»
Find Device

Useful tool in Windows. Find Device makes it easy to wipe from web.

Find device »»

Microsoft team withdrew the espionage function «DiagTrack»?

DiagTrack »»
PC icon

Icons on the Desktop are comfortable when we want to get.

Activate »»
God Mode

Control panel settings in a single file, the tweak returns in system.

God Mode »»
32 or 64 bits

How many bits does the system use? Here a simple description.

Os Detect »»
Control Panel

The Windows 10 control panel is not so easy to find.

Control Panel »»
Microsoft Images

Replace the desktop image with a slideshow of family photos.

Windows Images »»
Night mode

Night mode reduces brightness and changes the screen to reddish.

Night mode »»

Download Windows or Microsoft Office using Windows-ISO-Downloader.exe.

Download Win 10 ISO »»
Game mode

Game mode improves performance on Windows 10 during gaming.

Game mode »»
Color filter application

The color filter can help users who don't see all the colors. It can be activated in Settings.

Color filter »»
Installing from One-drive

Allows reinstalling the PC cloud-based for Internet-connected users.

Cloud »»
Monitor refresh

For games that require fast movement, it is strongly recommended to set a higher refresh rate.

Setting »»
Windows version

For the current Windows system, Microsoft releases new versions approximately every six months.

Update Assistant »»
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