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RAW format


RAW format

The main reason of pendrive failur, is that simply shoot from USB input. STRICTLY PROHIBITED. The device turn back to RAW file system, so the Windows system don't see correctly.




Windows Hyper-V Virtual Machine. In Windows 8 and 10 are implemented very useful new features, including virtual machines. Anyone can create their own virtual machine at any time.

Write a Virus


Write a Virus

Security programs installed on your computer, can fight against viruses collected from the Internet during it use. Programs have a collection of hundreds of thousands of harmful known.

USSF programUSSF program

Home / 2010 / Updated: 26 Mai 2016 and 28 Oct 2017

USSF program: With this small program can find the silent application settings. Copy in a folder the program or more programs that look «Silent Switch», the file setup.cmd and the program USSF... (so ease our work)

After downloading, simply open the USSF program. Works without installation. Once opened, in left, click on the character >. In the window Explorer appeared, search the program you want to run in silent mode (in our example Ccleaner.exe)

Click it, the program USSF will display the parameters included. Highlight the text in green, in line Usage

rem Silent Install

Copy in the file setup.cmd, under rem Silent Install

rem Silent Install

Close the file setup.cmd

A warning window appears that the file content has changed, really want to save?

Click OK

If you did everything correctly (CCleaner.exe and setup.cmd is in same folder), when click on the file, start installing in silent mode. You should not click on each Next button in each window during installation. Install automatically


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