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Protect what can protect. Data, images, documents, movies and videos, precious files on your hard drive, you can encrypt with BitLocker (Drive Encryption BitLocker), so they are hidden from prying eyes.

Write a Virus


Write a Virus

Security programs installed on your computer, can fight against viruses collected from the Internet during it use. Programs have a collection of hundreds of thousands of harmful known.




Database program. Applicable on all Windows systems for modifying the registry base. i.e.: Automatically removes arrows from icons on the Desktop. More than 50 data base settings can be changed.

Disable automatically programsDisable automatically programs

Home / 2007 / Updated: 26 Mai 2016

Part four: Disable automatically programs I installed programs that start when the system Windows, delaying the formation of loading (boot), because user programmers think will help their program, and not others. Turn off programs that run at startup. New or old computer can be installed by us or by manufacturer, limited operational programs (trial) or already bored, do not use it constantly, but is loaded with Windows. Delete the unused

Warning: Not all programs can be disabled. There are essential software for Windows, to run the system stable

Warning: Do not delete any application svchost.exe because the system will collapse

Warning: Only remove the processes that we know and are sure that it is not used

Warning: Not all programs can be disabled. There are essential software for Windows, to run the system stable

» I have made so

For disable automatically programs first I downloaded the CCleaner program and installed. After launched, in the menu bar, on the left, I selected Tools, then in the new window, a bit above Startup. In the next window, there is listed all programs and applications running. Of course, not deleted completely any programs. I selected, with mouse, program which needed for that use very rare, then on the right, pressed Disable button to enter into force. After restarting the computer, Windows is loaded (boot) much faster

» More Details

For disable automatically programs use, CCleaner. Download CCleaner

1.) - Click with the left button of mouse on the Tools on the bottom, left

install Ccleaner

2.) - Select the Startup link

select Start up

3.) - Click on the program you want to not start automatically, and then click the right side, the Disable or Delete button

select a program

Deleting programs not mean that the program is canceled permanently, it only starts when we need it, ie. when we us, so do not delay system boot. After restarting the computer, Windows is loaded (boot) much faster


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