IMEI number

IMEI number

International Mobile Equipment Identity

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IMEI number: All phones (or other devices) have an International Mobile Equipment Identity, (ie an IMEI number,) and can be used to identify the device, model, or serial number. Helps distinguish between each device. Your service provider can block the lost or stolen phone by blocking this number so that no one can now use or access the phone numbers and other sensitive data such as documents stored on the phone.

Number IMEI

Attention: Smart phones are becoming more and more popular (and more valuable) so they become the target of thieves around the world, so you do not have to underestimate the importance of the IMEI number. A standard IMEI number consists of a 15-character string and is completely separate from the SIM number and can not be legally changed. The first eight digits indicate the device type and model, while the last six digits identify the device manufacturer. When you connect to your mobile service provider's network, your service provider registers both authorization numbers. The SIM number identifies the subscriber's bill while the IMEI identifies the device.

A prepaid card or subscription?

Which is more favorable? - If you have a phone subscription, it is recommended that you act as soon as you notice the device disappears. Call your service provider immediately and turn off your phone by dictating the IMEI number. If you have a phone with prepaid card, you will have more damage than the phone's value and the amount on the card.

Where is the IMEI number?

1.) - The easiest way to find your phone's IMEI number is by using the phone keypad. Just touch the dial on the Home page.

IMEI number

Using the keypad, enter the code *#06# (without making a call).

cod *#06#

Immediately after entering the last character, the IMEI image is automatically displayed on the screen.

image of IMEI number

2.) - This number can be found in Settings (eg Samsung): Settings → About device → Status → IMEI. Of course, this route may differ on other phones with another OS (for example, Windows Phone).

this route may be different

3.) - This number can be found on the original package of the device (the phone box), which at first glance may not be easy to understand, but it is advisable to record the IMEI number somewhere, or keep the box in a safe place only You can access as quickly as possible if you have lost or stolen your phone (for security reasons, it is not printed on all boxes).

original package

IMEI info

By clicking on the link below, you can get more details, more information about your phone or another device based on your IMEI number. IMEI info.


Protect data, pictures, music and videos stored on your phone as much as possible. It is not a big defense, but with a PIN or password, it may be more difficult to open the lost or stolen phone until you notify your service provider and lock your phone by IMEI number. Maybe you will not get your phone back after blocking by IMEI if stolen, but at least the finder or the thief can not get the precious stored data. You can enter or change your password or PIN in Settings → Security → SIM card lock settings → Change SIM code or Settings → Security → Smart Lock.

SIM PIN activation

Post Scriptum

It is a big mistake to think that the phone can not be used again after the IMEI has been blocked by the service provider. Thieves are always one step ahead. Rewriting the IMEI number is illegal, but for thieves it does not mean anything. If the service provider has blocked the device, they try to rewrite with another number that is not on the blacklist.


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