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Transfer pictures music: On this site you can find a description how to download upload images and other files on your phone or from your phone. Nokia Lumia phones have come to market with systems Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, which means more security. The new product Nokia Lumia 1020, and recent editions, have arrived with incredible 41 Mp. camera, and PureView camera technology, optical image stabilization, zoom high resolution, Full HD video and audio quality offering Nokia feature-rich recording. Of course, this type of description is available on any mobile phone Nokia Lumia, and is not limited to Nokia Lumia 1020. (620, 710, 820, 920, etc.)

Transfer pictures music

Attention: Store only legal material on your phone or on your computer, because according to international conventions, unauthorized storage in contradiction with copyright laws in the United States and other countries. If the card is full, or for any other reason you want to store large files on your phone, or you want to upload any file on your phone, do the following:

    What you'll need

  1. Program Zune Download ...

  2. Telephone cable for PC connection (supplied with the phone)

  3. Image, video, music for charge

  4. What you should know about Zune

  5. Is a Microsoft (Redmond, Washington) program

  6. You can update your Windows Phone system via this program

  7. Suitable to replace other video player and music programs

  8. Built -in music extract (copy) and has CD writing engine

  9. Can easy convert in MP3 and in Windows Media Audio

  10. Audio file found on the internet, save on phone instantly

  11. Load - download files between computer and phone

  12. From the images on phone, immediately creates a slide show

  13. And many other features. All this for free


Important: Check the «My Documents» folder is displayed on the Desktop, because the Zune software here will save downloaded files from your phone. If you can not find the «My Documents» folder on Desktop, proceed as follows:

1.) - Click on Desktop with right mouse button. 2.) - From the mouse menu to the bottom, select Personalize

3.) Windows 8 and 8.1: - In the next window on the top left, click on the link Change desktop icons

Windows 10: - In the next window on the middle, left, click on the link Themes then on Desktop icon settings

4.) - In the small window appeared, select the check box «My Documents» (and My Computer)

5.) - Now the My Documents folder will be found on the desktop. Click the Apply button and then click OK

6.) - Here is the folders Images, Music and Video. For Windows 10 «My Documents» Folder description here...

Download on your phone

1.) - Download and install Zune software on your computer

2.) - Requires Net Framework version 3.5. (download and install automatically)

3.) - Start the program. In the Zune software interface, click on the phone icon

4.) - Connect the end of the cable to an available port on your computer

5.) - The other end of the cable into the appropriate slot of the phone

6.) - In the Zune software interface, click Syncronize (Change Sync. Relationship)

7.) - For to download files, music, video, click on the top of the label on the phone. Then, marked in blue on the link music video or images

8.) - Select with the mouse the downloaded file, and right click with the mouse on the selected files

9.) - In the mouse menu select Copy to Collection. Or you can simply drag in the computer icon

10.) - Image, files saved, you will find in the folder C:\Users\nume utilizator\My Pictures, or on Desktop in Document\My Pictures, My Music or My Video folder

Note: Under username understand the proper name of the computer that you specified during installation. In this example, the user name is John. Documents folder also has this name

Upload onto phone

Drag one by one, or select multiple music files, video or image using mouse, and drag in the Zune software window


For now, do not pull on the phone icon, just in the middle of the window

The program lists the files that you can watch, listen immediately. If you decide to copy on your phone: Drag files, using mouse, in Zune software widow, one by one or all at once on the phone icon

The program will begin to upload files one by one on the phone. It's that simple. You can view pictures or listen the music, when you open Zune icon on the start screen of the phone


Windows Phone

Windows Phone will connect with Zune software on the PC. Update phone

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