Spectacular trick Slide to Shutdown

Spectacular trick Slide to Shutdown

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Spectacular trick Slide to Shutdown: A spectacular shutdown of the computer can be done instead of the traditional one, using the SlideToShutDown.exe utility, one of the small programs that promotes the hidden capabilities of the system, which can be assigned a shortcut without IT knowledge.

You can shut down the system as shown in the image below:

Spectacular trick Slide to Shutdown

This trick isn't complicated and probably not worth the effort for what you can get out of it, and the downside is that you might even get an unpleasant surprise by unwanted loss of important data if you don't pay enough attention when accidentally click on this shortcut.

Quick tip: You may lose the result of a full day of work, so close all work in progress, and only after saving the data use this shutdown mode.

If you still like this trick, do the following:

  1. Right-click on a free space on the desktop.
  2. Select the New link from the pop-up menu.
  3. In the new mouse menu that appears, click the Shortcut link.
  4. In the following pop-up window, enter the following command line:


Left click on the completed command. A drop-down shade will appear, which you can drag down with the mouse at the bottom of the screen. Note that this is a "Shut down" command, not a sleep state and no restart.

Quick tip: This creates a desktop icon, which you can rename or keep with the same name.

More simple way

Because it is a small program that is part of the Windows system, it can be found in the C:\Windows\System32 folder named SlideToShutDown.exe. Do the following:

First metode: Left-click the This PC icon (if you do not have the icon, read this guide on how to place the My Computer icon on the Desktop), and then click on the Local Disk (C:) in the "Devices and Drives" system window which appears. A new window will appear with the Windows folder at the bottom, click on it, then in the new window look down the System32 folder and click on it.

find the System32 folder below

There are a lot of small programs and system files in this folder, which can lead to system crash if you don't click your mouse carefully enough. Scroll down to find SlideToShutDown.exe. Once found, simply click on it and you will get the same effect described above.

Quick tip: This method can only be used once, so you'll have to follow an equally complicated procedure every time you want to shut down your computer again with this trick. Creating a desktop shortcut is more efficient.

Method two: Simply right-click the program icon in the System32 folder, and move the mouse cursor (don't click, just drag the mouse) to the "Send to" link, then to the next small mouse menu, click on the link "Desktop (create shortcut)" with the left mouse button.

create shortcut

The shortcut is created automatically with just one click and the above effect is already available.


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