Hidden folder on desktop

Hidden folder on desktop

Protected & hidden files

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Hidden folder on desktop: This is one of the most interesting tricks in Windows 10 to hide important data, files, images in an invisible folder of curious eyes, without looking for inaccessible places on your computer.

Quick Tip: If you need a discrete folder to store files, create an invisible one without an icon and name. Visible only if you select "Hidden items" in File explorer.

In short:

  1. Create a folder on the desktop, right-click on it and select the Properties link from the mouse menu, then in the new window below, check the box next to the "Hidden" entry. Ready. The file has disappeared.

More detailed:

If you like the trick, do the following: Create a folder on your desktop.

  1. Right-click a free space on the desktop.
  2. Select the New link from the pop-up menu.
  3. In the new mouse menu that appears, drag (do not click) the cursor to the Folder link.

An icon called "New Folder" has appeared on the desktop.

Hidden folder on desktop

Quick Tip: If you're just interested in how this trick works and don't want to hide anything, you can leave it as the "New Folder" called the system. If you store files in the folder, rename them by any name, and to distinguish them from other folders, replace the folder icon with another.

How the file becomes invisible:

First method: Right-click the newly created folder. In the mouse menu that appears, click the Properties link at the bottom. In another window that appears, check the small box next to the Hidden entry at the bottom. You can close this window by clicking Apply in the lower right corner and then OK.

Click the created folder

The folder created on the desktop has disappeared and become invisible. Ready.

Replace folder icon:

Method two: If you use this procedure to create a hidden folder, there is no point in changing the icon, as it will be invisible, but if you are looking for a distinctive icon that stands out from the rest of the folders, replace it with one as follows:

Right-click the newly created folder and click the Properties link at the bottom of the menu that appears. In another window that appears, left-click the Customize button in the menu bar on the right.

A window with the Windows system icons appears.

  1. In the icon list window, drag the slider to the right until you find a favorite icon and click on it. Click OK to confirm, the window containing the icons will close (disappear).
  2. The "Properties" window remains and do not close, but click the General tab on the left of the top menu bar, then check the small box next to the Hidden entry at the bottom.
  3. You can now close this window by clicking Apply in the lower right corner and then clicking OK.

Select the Hidden check box

The folder containing the new desktop icon has disappeared and has become invisible.

Advantage: The folder remains hidden, whether left on the desktop or moved to folders on other partitions. No one else sees and knows about it except you.

Disadvantage: Anyone who uses the computer and selects "Hidden Items" in File Explorer will also see this hidden folder.

Quick Tip: It's a long description, but you can actually create the hidden folder with a few clicks. It doesn't take more than a few seconds if you know what to do without having to read this description.

How to make a file visible again:

Follow the steps below to display the folder again. Open any folder, if any. If not, create one on the desktop using the method above.

Quick Tip: To change the name, right-click the folder and select "Rename". Type a name and press Enter (or simply click next to the folder).

Left-click on the created folder or any other ready-made folder, which can be a system folder, the main thing is that by clicking on any of them, the File Explorer will appear.

In the folder that opens, on the top menu bar, click the View tab. Below this, another menu bar will appear with various setting options, where you can select the Hidden items check box to the right of the displayed options. It's that simple. Windows 10 is now configured to show all hidden files except files in the protected operating system.

all hidden files are displayed

Among other hidden folders, you'll see that you've created them for your own use and are easily recognizable if you've replaced the system-created folder icon with a favorite icon.

Make folder as visible:

It is the reverse concealment procedure described above. If you have already selected the "Hidden items" checkbox in the File Manager and the hidden folder is now visible, right-click the folder. In the mouse menu that appears, click the Properties link at the bottom. In another window that appears, uncheck the small box next to the Hidden entry at the bottom. You can close this window by clicking Apply in the lower right corner and then OK.

Good advice:

This trick is an official Windows service, and in principle it should be free of errors, but if you hide different data with the folder and forget where it is in the meantime, or perform a system reinstall, or a system restore, this hidden folder can be easily deleted along with the stored data, so use this trick at your own risk.

Quick Tip: Obviously, this is not a safe way to hide important files. Anyone can find the contents of the invisible folder by searching the system. Someone may accidentally discover it when using File Manager.

It can be useful when you want to hide data only temporarily. If you want to keep any file safe, use more serious encryption.


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