Change User Account Image

Change User Account Image

Change the dull image

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Change User Account Image: The following description can help you change the dull image that Windows 10 automatically allocates to your user account.

Quick tip: For each newly created user account, Windows selects a generic image that can be replaced at any time. You can take your own portrait, browse the Images folder, or create it immediately with your webcam.


To change the user's image, click the Start menu, on the left, at the bottom of the tray, and then on the left side of the Users icon, and then click the Change Account Settings link in the mouse menu.

click the Change Account Settings link in the mouse menu

The Accounts page displays the details window from which you can change the photo. If you have previously selected a photo you want to change, click the Search (Browse for one) button and locate the image and then simply click on it. The system automatically loads the image.

The Accounts page displays the details window

Do not worry if you have selected an image too large or too small, Windows reduces or enlarges the image size to fit automatically. (Images must be square, the system rounds). Only administrators and standard account owners can change the image, customer accounts remain with no-face gray silhouettes.

Quick tip: If you use Windows at work or at school, or if you are not the owner of the account, you can not replace the photos because the system administrator may have disabled access.


If the above description does not work for any reason, the following description can help you change the image that Windows 10 automatically allocates to your user account.

  • Open the root directory of the system on which Windows is installed, usually drive (C:/). Simply click on the This PC (MyComputer) icon on your desktop, then choose the drive (C:/).
  • click on the This PC icon

  • In the menu in the top row, in Settings, click View, then select the checkbox next to Hidden Elements.
  • select the checkbox next to Hidden Elements

  • Click the ProgramData folder, which has been hidden so far, but is now visible.
  • Click the ProgramData folder

  • Click the ProgramData folder to find the Microsoft folder, then choose the Default accounts (User Account Pictures) folder.
  • User Account Pictures folder

  • Images can be replaced by their own, but it is important to give the same file name, size, and extension to the original one. Images: guest.bmp (448 x 448 px.) Guest.png (448 x 448 px.) User.bmp (448 x 448 px.) User.png (448 x 448 px.), User-32.png (32 x 32 px.), user-40.png (40 x 40 px.), user-48.png (48 x 48 px.) and user-192.png (192 x 192 px).
  • Images can be replaced by their own

    Quick tip: Select a picture for the user box, and then convert to an image editor of the same size, then change the default values. The most suitable image editing program is XnView. Download from the Internet »


    Use the image change method described above. The new image can be selected from the Default Accounts folder.


    If the user account is damaged or any other error has occurred, and you are unable to replace or delete the current image, download the system upgrade program for that purpose from the Microsoft website. Microsoft Accounts troubleshooter. Fixes Microsoft and Windows Account errors, looks for Microsoft account issues and tries to fix it. The following errors are checked by Troubleshooter:

    1. - Corrupt Microsoft Account settings
    2. - Can’t connect to the sync service
    3. - Problems with Microsoft account Policy
    4. - Microsoft Account required
    5. - Connection issues due to proxy or certificate issues
    6. - Check for roaming GPO enabled status
    7. - Problem with system registration
    8. - You are not connected to the Internet
    9. - Proxy Settings
    10. - You have reached your daily sync quote
    11. - Sync your settings is turned off
    12. - Check system not activated

    Quick tip: If the user account is damaged or any other error has occurred and the problem persists, try to verify that it is resolved in Safe Mode.


    Modul sigur este o opțiune de depanare care pornește calculatorul de la o stare restrânsă strict necesare doar pentru Windows pentru a rula fișiere și drivere de bază. Textul Safe Mod apare în colțurile monitorului, pentru a putea fi determinat modul în care este utilizat monitorul. Făcând clic pe link-ul de mai jos, puteți alege ce metodă este mai convenabilă pentru orice remediere a erorilor în Mod redus:

    1. - Safe Mode with System Configuration Options »
    2. - Safe Mode with command line »


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