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RAW format


RAW format

The main reason of pendrive failur, is that simply shoot from USB input. STRICTLY PROHIBITED. The device turn back to RAW file system, so the Windows system don't see correctly.

USB bootable

USB bootable


Create USB Flash Drive with Rufus program. For quickly installation of Windows, the very good method is, if you copy on a USB Flash Drive your system (flash drive is faster than pendrive).




Bluetooth helps transfer data between two devices. In general, more frequent transfer is between computer and mobile phones. On the mobile phone, enable Bluetooth option, and combined with your computer.

Automatic spyingAutomatic spying

Home / 27 Nov 2015 / Updated: 02 Nov 2016

Automatic spying Windows 10: Windows 10 system has several good features than harm

In previous versions the espionage service «Diagnostics Tracking Service» in short «DiagTrack» introduced, under pressure from users, Microsoft team in Redmond withdrew, as recently confessed, did not withdraw, but simply renamed in «Connected User Experiences and Telemetry» service

» What is «DiagTrack»?

Connected user experience and telemetry service allows to use in-app experience and interconnected. This service control users data for diagnostic (in order to improve and modernize the Windows platform) collecting event-driven and sending diagnostic information if it is selected the Feedback on Diagnosis and user settings window

» Why is it good?

Collecting some user data, helps Microsoft team to a certain extent, to develop the Windows system

» Why is it not good?

Because will be sent personal data, and those that do not want to share with anyone

More detailed description: Privacy Statement Microsoft ...

» I have made so

Stopping this service

In turn I chose the following options:

1.) - I pressed Windows + R keys simultaneously on the keyboard, for launching the Run Box

2.) - In the Run Box I introduced: services.msc

3.) - I made double click with the left mouse button on the service "Connected user experience and telemetry"

4.) - Finally, in the new pop-up window, I clicked on "Stop" button


» More Details

Please note: Disable it at your own risk !!!

1.) - Press Windows + R keys simultaneously on the keyboard

Windows + R buttons

2.) - In the pop-upp Run Box, type: services.msc


3.) - Double-click with the left mouse button on the service Connected user experience and telemetry

Connected user experience and telemetry

4.) - Finally, in the new window, click on Stop button

Stop button


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