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Color Filters

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Color Filters: Software vendors model their programs so that they omit too small user groups, because the extra functionality built into the program is not worth the fatigue and extra time that would not cost more than 1% - 2% extra revenue after program sales. So the solution is do not apply any code in the critical part of the programs, so it does not provide accessibility. However, Windows development engineers are thinking about this as well.

Quick Tip: If the content of the screen is difficult to see due to converging colors, start the color filtering application in Settings, which changes the color palette used on the screen and helps to distinguish the details of the window that differ only in their color.

The Microsoft team from Redmond is very careful in the development of Windows, which includes helping users who suffer from some form of physical disability. One of these is the Color Filter app, developed for people who don't see all colors (because they suffer from color blindness) and can better understand things if they are displayed in black/white instead of color, so they can use the system more easily.

Do the following: Click the Start Menu (Windows -Logo button in the left corner of the taskbar), then click the Settings link (small gear icon).

Click the Start Menu

In the window that appears, click the link Ease of Access.

click the link Ease of Access

In another window that appears, in the menu bar on the left, click the Color Filters link. The Color Filters window has appeared where you can activate it.

click the Color Filters

Scroll down for additional settings that allow you to change the color palette, which helps you distinguish the details of the window that differ only in their color, in which case a black and white screen is a better option for the eyes, for people who do not see all colors (because suffer from color blindness). Check the Grayscale radio button to get the effect.

Check the Grayscale radio button

Quick Tip: If this is not enough, experimentally select another option until you reach the appropriate color setting and separate colors appear.


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