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Write virus

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Write virus and malware test: Security programs installed on your computer, can fight against viruses collected from the Internet during it use. Programs have a collection of hundreds of thousands of harmful known, that anti-virus software should recognize and identify.

The most well-known Virus:

  1. - Virus: Software with bad intentions. Incorporated in another program, it takes control of the computer and destroys.
  2. - Spyware Trojan: In your computer open one backdoor, where criminals collect data.
  3. - Boot viruses: From boot files stealing data.
  4. - Worms: These are used to obtain password, or lock in protection programs.
  5. - Polymorphic viruses: Installed, adds another name for himself, or appears in another form.

Windows Defender is part of Windows system, is reliable, integrated, provides real-time protection, against viruses and other pests.

If not Windows Defender your favorite protection program, disable and install another alternative program. For example:

  1. - Avira Free Antivirus. Excellent German software, will automatically check for updates.
  2. - AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011 is probably the best in this category.

Attention: If seems to work, but a time did not react, do a test if your antivirus program alert or not!

More details

If you do not like Windows Defender, replace in the following way.

Press Windows -Logo + R on the keyboard simultaneously, and type the command firewall.cpl in the Run window that appears, and then press Enter.

type the command firewall cpl

The Windows Defender firewall setting window has appeared. Click on the link Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.

Click on the link turn off

In the new window that appears, select the check box Turn off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended). Finally click on the button OK.

Turn off Windows Defender

Ready. Windows Defender not working. You can install the new anti-virus software.

Create a Virus

To test our program antivirus if working properly, would require a real virus, however, it comes when not expected.

A.) - Make one yourself

Copy or use the keypad to enter the following text in Notepad:


Save as for e.g. myvirus.exe.

If you click on the file myvirus.exe, your anti-virus program installed have to react immediately when awake.

B.) - Download a test virus from the internet, prepared for this purpose from eicar.com site, that can be test because it is completely harmless.

6.) - As shown in the picture below, download this string file.

download and install this string file

Vigilance test of antivirus software

Below, illustrated with pictures, you can see two programs that can be used for testing. Windows Defender and Avira Antivirus.

1.) - Windows Defender

After downloading the test virus to the Desktop, Windows Defender does not react, but by clicking on the file, the program immediately deletes it from the desktop. It certainly reacts and moves into quarantine.

Windows Defender did not react at all

2.) - Avira Free Antivirus

Excellent antivirus program. He reacts immediately after downloading the test virus, and in a pop-up window asks what to do, delete or block in quarantine.

Avira Excelent program antivirus

- Free or paid, is very important to install anti-virus program, but more importantly his vigilance.


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