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Create a strong password

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Create a strong password: Nowadays, almost all transactions can be done online. Shopping, banking, errands, etc. For safety reasons, do not belong to the popular daily activities, but in the future, many institutional receptions, customers service will operate as, and the disappearance of cash (once) this will be the only formal procedure to be used, so it safety during exercise.

Let's start with the basics, that is, with safer passwords.

- Use multiple digits, at least one upper case letter, lower case, some special characters.

The more complex the password is, the easier it can be forget, but do not forget hackers, which decrypts in a minute, the weaknesses, if the name, or date of birth is included.

More details

Tip for creating powerful passwords.

You can use the habits, the bad solutions mentioned above, but weigh a little hacker work. Format the sentence from the contents of the names, data. For example: John was born in August 1965. In 2013 he is 48 years old. Re writed will look like this:

  1. J@Wb19Au65Tyr4!8
  2. It consists of 16 characters, it is theoretically impossible to decipher.

Testing the Created Password:

Check your password, how strong you managed to create with the method described above:

Click on the link below, or copy into your browser's address bar.:

  1. Among Password, enter your created password.
  2. Among Score, with green line, indicates the percentage of password strength.
  3. Among Complexity, displays the result in text format:

Using the Hide button, you can hide password visibility.

indică procentul de puterea parolei

In the Complexity, appears the result in format text.

  1. Very Strong
  2. Good
  3. Weak
  4. Very Weak

In the Complexity appears the result in format text

It can be used without an Internet connection:

If other times, we would use the program for password test, but there is no Internet connection, for whatever reason, from the bottom of the page you can download and install using it anytime you need.

On Passwordmeter site, bottom, click: Download link Password Meter Package.


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