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Night mode

Windows Tips & Tricks

Night mode

»» 20.SEPT.2020 / updated: ---

Night mode: If you sit in front of the computer more often in the evening after work, it is recommended to turn on the night mode. The blue light on the screens is tiring for the eyes and makes it harder to fall asleep. Night Light Mode reduces the amount of light, changing the display to reddish, which provides a warmer color effect and thus protects the eyes. Users can find the night mode setting by clicking the Start Menu in the lower left corner of the screen, then Settings icon, then the System link, and finally you can change the night light settings under Display link in the left menu of the settings window that appears.

Night mode settings window

Quick tip: By default, after is activated, the Night Light automatically change the screen color between sunset and sunrise, but these values can be set for other times.

To customize the settings and change the defaults, click the Night Light Settings link, at the middle of window, then in the new window, click the Turn on now button.

click the Night Light Settings link


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