OneDrive security settings

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OneDrive security settings

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OneDrive security settings: OneDrive is a free online app that belongs to your Microsoft account, and saving files in this space ensures that you can access them from any computer, tablet or phone, anywhere in the world.

The Microsoft team in Redmond places a strong emphasis on the ongoing development of the OneDrive application. Recently, increasingly secure solutions have been used to efficiently upload personal files to cloud-based storage as well as secure storage. Simply click the cloud icon in the lower right, next to the clock on the taskbar. Or click the up arrow. If you can't find it, turn it on manually, description here ..

OneDrive security settings

After registering a Microsoft account, personal storage can be customized with the most secure settings you can make in your Microsoft account, such as:

  1. With Windows Hello.
  2. With security key.
  3. With fingerprint, face identification, PIN code.
  4. With a code received in an email or SMS.

Quick tip: When making digital copies of valuable documents, such as your identity card with secret personal data, make sure you choose the most secure encryption option.

choose the most secure encryption option

Using the above options, uploaded documents, images, and other valuable files can be stored more securely than on your computer.


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