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Updating Windows Drivers. The regular incremental updates are essential for performance and security because the Computer speed and performance depends on the current drivers state.




Windows Hyper-V Virtual Machine. In Windows 8 and 10 are implemented very useful new features, including virtual machines. Anyone can create their own virtual machine at any time.

RAW format


RAW format

The main reason of pendrive failur, is that simply shoot from USB input. STRICTLY PROHIBITED. The device turn back to RAW file system, so the Windows system don't see correctly.

Automatically login to WindowsAutomatically login to Windows

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Automatically login to Windows: - Windows operating systems require a entry startup password every time when start your computer, what it is sometimes annoying and time lost

Starting with Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft team pay more attention to safety. One of these securely functions is logon password. Windows 10 operating system will prompt for the password each time you start your computer. If you want to disable, do the following

Automatically login to Windows

» Automatically login to Windows

  • Open window called «User Accounts» as follows. Press the Windows + R key simultaneously on the keyboard

  • Press the Windows + R key
  • Appears RUN window in the bottom, left. Enter -netplwiz- and then click on Ok

  • Appears RUN window

  • Appear «User Accounts» window. If there are more than one user profile, select the user you want to login automatically (eg. John and Maria, in this example)

  • User Accounts

  • Remove the tick from the box next to Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer and then click on Apply button

  • Remove the tick from the box

  • New window appears called Automatically sign in. Enter using the keyboard the user name you want to automatically connect, and enter a password twice and press Ok. You do not need to give passwords strong, safe, because it will sign in with password introduced, but will anyone can use your computer

  • Automatically sign in

Attention! With automatic login, your computer will not be protected against unauthorized use

Ready. You can close all windows. Restart your computer to take the effect


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