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USB bootable

USB bootable


Create USB Flash Drive with Rufus program. For quickly installation of Windows, the very good method is, if you copy on a USB Flash Drive your system (flash drive is faster than pendrive).




Protect what can protect. Data, images, documents, movies and videos, precious files on your hard drive, you can encrypt with BitLocker (Drive Encryption BitLocker), so they are hidden from prying eyes.




Create a strong password. If it is very complicated, it is easy to forget, but do not ignore the hackers, which decrypts the weak passwords in a minute. Use more digits, some special characters.

Windows 10 Dual bootWindows 10 Dual boot

Home / 08 Oct 2014 / Updated: 22 Oct 2015

Windows 10 Dual boot: Windows 10 can be installed near the Win8.1, Win8, Win7 or XP. The new operating system Windows 10 can be tried if you install near the existing system, a free partition. It can be installed the same way as its predecessors, and even more quickly without unnecessary applications, on faster computers in 10 minutes, on a laptop approximately 15 minutes

Since can download for free, so my I installed Windows 10 on a separate partition, near the Windows 8.1, but first I saved the data to a flash drive the 32GB(more data can be saved only on a unit higher)

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Windows 10 Dual boot installation from a DVD installation disc or drive USB. Of course, the same method can install earlier versions of Windows. Important:

1.) Enter Windows 10 (or Win8.1, Win8, Win7, XP) DVD disc into the DVD-ROM or USB Flash driver into a free port

2.) Check that the computer, laptop, boot from DVD-Rom drive, or USB drive

You can change the boot order in BIOS for the computer to boot from the DVD installation disc or USB, that contains the operating system Windows 10 files

Do the following: Enter In BIOS (Basic Input / Output System).

1.) Restart the computer. At the same time, when the computer starts, press and hold -DEL- or -F2- button

2.) Look for an entry similar: -Boot priority-

3.) With arrows up - down, left - right (it happens to be F5 or F6) set the DVD drive or USB to boot mayor. Finally press -F10- to exit

After successful conversion, start installing Windows system. In the first configuration window, will ask you to press any key on the keyboard to start. ( Warning: Only now press a button to start the installation, in the next "restart" is Strictly Prohibited to press any button, (even when the system we request!) restart the installation

1) - Take 5 seconds available to press a button on the keyboard. Otherwise, the installation will stop

five seconds available to press a button

2) – In this window, click on Next

click on Next button

3.) – Start the installation

Start the installation

4) – Mark the radio button I accept the license terms

accept terms and conditions

5.) – Windows 10 Dual boot select Custom install

Custom install

6.) – Select the partition where want to install Windows 10, and then click on the Format button to format the disk in NTFS File System

As you can see in the picture below, my Windows 8.1 system is installed on the disk of 100 GB, and below, I install Windows 10 on partition of 250 GB

Of course, because I did not want dividing into several parts the 250GB drive, because I installed the new system only for test purposes


1.) – Here you can read a description of the "Shrink Volume" with Windows Disk Management ...

2.) – Another description of the "Shrink Volume" with installation ...

Shrink Volume

7) – If there appears a small window with information, that the system needs 350 MB for system files, just click on Yes button (here, now not appeared)

Starting the installation

start the installation

8.) – After installation, the computer restart automatically. Then select Use express settings

Use express settings

9.) – Install your new apps

new apps

10.) – After installation, the computer restart automatically

the computer restart automatically

11.) – Appeared the Desktop. For exposure of more icons, click with the right button of mouse on Desktop and from the pop-up menu of mouse, select Personalize

Appeared the Desktop

12.) – Click Change Desktop icons

Change Desktop ikons

13.) – Select the check box Computer and User's file then click first Apply and Ok

Select the check box Computer

14.) – The new icons appear on the Desktop

The new icons appear on the Desktop

15.) – After a reboot, or after the next use, the computer displays a new window with the two systems. You can choose the one you want to use. You have 30 seconds to choose

windows dual boot


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