MacOS theme, "skin" for Windows

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MacOS theme, "skin" for Windows

If you would like to use a full MacOS skin on your Windows system, the free program "Rainmeter" can be an excellent choice. In the link below you can watch a video, and below the video you will find more links with help, tips and even more descriptions, and you can learn how to change the appearance (skin) of Windows using "Rainmeter".

YouTube Rainmeter video...

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What is Rainmeter?

A free (open source) application for computers running Windows that allows you to change desktop skins. There are countless free and paid pre-made "skins" on the Internet, edited by others, and you can use this program to change them whenever you want the downloaded skin.

Quick tip: Since the program is so-called "open source", you can use it to edit these skins according to your taste and then share them with your friends.

First step:

Download the Rainmeter program and then install it on your computer. It is open source software freely distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL v2 license.

It can be downloaded from here...

Step two:

After installation, a small window with settings options will immediately appear on the right side of the desktop (or in the upper right corner), where if you click on it with the right mouse button, you will see the Settings button, where you can choose other functions. At the same time, in the middle of the desktop, in a visible place, a small information window appears with several links leading to the program's website, where you can find additional descriptions and help if you click on the link Getting Started.

Note: The right column shows the processor (CPU), below the memory (RAM) usage in real time, from which you can deduce the load of the program currently in use on the computer.

shows memory usage

The program can be opened at any time (if it has been closed) by left-clicking the small up arrow in the tray, then the "Show hidden icons" navigation menu appears, then clicking the "Rainmeter" icon starts the program.

Opening the rainmeter program

Create your own skin:

By clicking on the link below, with the help of the description on the given website, you can learn how to make your own Windows-skin.

Create your own skin...

Skin ready made by others:

If you need a ready-made skin that you can modify to your own taste, as you learned under the link above (or just use it without modification), you can find many at the site below.

Skin ready made by others...

Winter skin: Cold 1.0:

By clicking on the link below, you can download this beautiful ready-made winter "skin" completely free of charge, if you like (read the terms of use on the given site), and then immediately replace the usual Windows look with the Rainmeter program.

Download „skin”: Cold 1.0...

Download the final skin

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