Show This PC icon on Desktop In Windows 11

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Show This PC icon on Desktop In Windows 11

Microsoft introduces new changes in each new version, indicating that the Windows system will be better and more up-to-date, but it will be difficult for the user to find any common feature in the new version.

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The same is true with the current Windows 11 system. The user has to look again for the functions and icons that he used almost every day, finally customized it, but now he is again faced with the fact that the basic icons are not already in the old place. We can start learning everything from scratch.

Quick Tip: Knowing this procedure can help Windows 10 users display the This PC (MyComputer) icon, even if the guide (or images) below are the Windows 11 interface.

This same move of icons also happened with the This PC icon in Windows 11, ie the "MyComputer" icon, as it was previously called, but fortunately the Microsoft engineers did not delete it, but only moved it elsewhere, so it can be easily displayed again on the desktop to be where it belongs, and not elsewhere, ie immediately available in the foreground.

Display "This PC" icon on Windows 11 desktop

Once "displayed" on the desktop, clicking this icon will immediately display a window with important drives and folders, where you can manage its contents and access a lot of information about the system (by right-clicking on a drive and selecting Properties from mouse menu).

Quick Tip: The names "MyComputer" and "This PC" are the same. In Windows, Microsoft engineers have replaced the former with the latter, but the change is only in name, the purpose is the same.

This icon makes your entire system easily interoperable, including drives, installed programs, Windows folders, and other stored data. Therefore the icon This PC is one of the most important element for Windows users.

Where is the "This PC" icon in Windows 11?

To display the icon in Windows 11 on the desktop, follow these steps:

Right-click a free space on the desktop, and then click the Personalise link in the mouse menu that appears.

click the Personalise link

The Customization Options window opens. Scroll down and click the Themes button.

Scroll down and click the Themes

Another window appears where you scroll down and under "Related settings" click on Desktop icon settings.

click on Desktop icon settings

In the new window that appears, check the box before the Computer entry (even other icons can be checked). Finally, click Apply and OK.

check the box before the Computer

The computer icon appears immediately on the desktop.

Clicking on the computer icon opens a window containing the drives, where you can find the installed Windows system files, or you can easily access the installed programs on the drive that contains the system files (usually: Local Disk C:). If you have another drive, you can access your own data files, pictures, videos with a single click.

you can easily access the installed programs