Installing programs automatically

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Installing programs automatically

After reinstalling the system, you need to reinstall all your favorite programs, which can take hours. The good news is that, there is a trick that helps you significantly reduce this installation time (up to half the time).

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I install over 50 programs after reinstalling Windows, but by automating the installation of the programs, it finishes the installation in less than 20 minutes.

Good to know:

A.) – There are programs that can be installed in "silent mode" because programmers add an additional line of code that hides all windows during installation and installs invisibly in the background (installs much faster).

B.) – Most programs do not include additional code for silent installation. In this case, you need to click the Next button in each window (it installs slower).

Let's begin:

Starting the programs manually, one by one (50 programs or 100), the installation takes a long time, but if you automate, you can reduce the installation by almost half the time. You only need to spend more time preparing the automation, after which the installation will be significantly faster.

Only a command file (setup.cmd file) needs to be created, in which the installation code must be entered, from which the system "reads" which program is to be installed. Automatically starts the next program, and automatically starts the installation using the Windows system. All you have to do is click the Next button in the pop-up windows that appear during installation. Once it installs a program, it automatically enters the following. The operation is VERY SIMPLE. Just a few minutes. Do the following:

1.) – Create a folder and name it as you like (for example, Programs).

2.) – Collect all your favorite programs in this folder.

3.) – Download the file here and unzip the setup.cmd file in this folder.

4.) – Download (USSF) Universal Silent Switch Finder to this folder.

Remember: All in the same folder!

Quick Tip: It is very important that the folder containing the programs is not stored on the system partition (which is usually C: \), but on another drive (such as D: \ or E: \), as it may be deleted in case of system error.

A.) – Click on the USSF program (can be used without installation), then open the setup.cmd file in Notepad (Notepad).

B.) – Click the > character at the end of the File line in the USSF. File Manager immediately displays the programs collected in the folder. Click on any, the order does not matter.

File Manager

C.) – Immediately after clicking, the green silent installation code will appear in the USAGE line, which can be immediately copied and entered in the corresponding line in the setup.cmd file opened in Notepad.

Note: If there is no silent installation code, copy the program name instead of the green code, which can be copied from the top of the USSF program. Important: In this case, COPY ONLY THE NAME OF THE PROGRAM!

USSF program

Quick Tip: The name "setup" can be anything (for example, installation, automatic program, John programs, etc.), but the point and the name of the subsequent file extension (.cmd) CANNOT BE CHANGED.

Note that newer versions may appear from time to time. Download the new version and replace the old programs with the new ones, using the method described above.

This is what the contents of the setup.cmd (or similar) file look like. In the space marked in red, enter the names of the programs one by one, one below the other.

the contents of the file


This installation method has no program limit (it can be up to 100 programs or more). After entering the name of each program, close the setup.cmd file (click Save).

From now on just click on the setup.cmd file and the installation will start immediately. If it has lasted longer, it will be shortened to a few minutes, depending on how many programs need to be installed. It's that simple.