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Burning ISO to DVDBurning ISO to DVD

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Burning ISO to a CD or DVD with DVD Decrypter program: To this end, the most effective free program is v3.5.4.0 DVD Decrypter. Download ...

In brief

Install and run the program. Select on the top row Mode then ISO and in the next window Write. Click on the small folder and enter the path to the ISO file. Finally, click on the little green triangle to start writing (burning to DVD).

More Details

If you have downloaded, installed, however after switching displays an error message, just click OK to close the window.

close the window

Select on the top row, Mode then ISO and in the next small window, Write.

Select on the top row, Mode button

Click on the small "folder" and enter the path to the ISO file.

Click on the small folder icon

Set 4x writing mode (for faster installation), and then click on the green button to burn ISO to DVD. Note: the gray button turns in to green, if you have a DVD or CD in the drive.

Set 4x writing mode

There is no other task than to wait until they have finished. If you don't want immediately install the hard disk, only temporarily, you can use the free VirtualBox Install...


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